Consulting to Financial Professionals

Martin Merritt is regularly retained by Wall Street based private equity managers on a consulting basis to explain the claims made against publicly trade companies in False Claims Act qui tam lawsuits.  Qui tam lawsuits are filed under seal, and may remain so for years, without the knowledge of the target defendant or the public. Once the suit is unsealed, a mad scramble ensues in which experts in securities valuation attempt to figure out how damaging the case may be to a medical stock. 

Thatís where Martin Merrittís knowledge can be most helpful. Martin writes a monthly newsletter on every major False Claims Act qui tam opinions from federal courts, nationwide.  He also analyzes a daily update from the OIG on recent Fraud and Abuse allegations and settlements. Unlike administrative actions, False Claims Act qui tam cases are frequently dismissed because the Whistleblower has failed to plead the case correctly. 

Knowing which cases are likely to be dismissed by the judge on the defendantís motion can be very useful to medical stock analysts. Martin draws upon 25 years of practice experience in health law, which includes authorship of the best-selling book, Texas Motion Practice Handbook, vols. I-II, 1600 pp. (Knowles Publishing, Ft. Worth 1993-2005.) Contact Martin by clicking here.



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